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11. Subject:electrical question bank, set11, 41-60, question 18, seems to be wrong on FEB 11 2017 18) One microfarad is 1 * 1012 farads 1 * 1012 farads 1 * 106 farads must there is a negative sign on the correct answer Thanks and best regards
12. Module 4: Electronics » Set 2: Transistors 41 - 60 Question 1 seems to be wrong. I think it is PNP Transistor not NPN Transistor
13. 19) What does a B1-3 approval apply to?. 1.Light Aircraft with Piston Engines 2.Helicopters with Piston Engines, airframe and electrics 3.Helicopters with Turbine Engines, airframe and electrics the correct answare is n 3 but the test said n 2.
14. What is the degree I wannt to do became a airline pilot.what are the steps.where are I can do that degree.I am 16 years old.
15. Module 8: Set 1, 60-80, question 17. Two similar answers.
16. Does aircraft maintainance engineering have good scope ? Availability of jobs?
17. Why division by zero is undefined . i think it is infinity
18. I completed my B.E in aeroanutical engineering in 2011. I got married and couldnt continue my studies. now again i want to take up my career in aero field. am totally blank on what to do next. What are the opportunities for higher studies...Can u pl help me to find out the opportunities ..
19. After my diploma in aeronautical engineering. I would like to do piloting so what are the ways to choose a path in piloting
20. Physics, question bank, set3, 6-10, question no 7, i can't understand can you explain
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