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31. In Mod-13,Set-11,81-100:Q-20 Your answer is "allow for altitude variations" but it is wrong,suppose to be "dampen movement of the compass card". Pls confirm. Rgds, Divakar
32. Wrong answer in module 9 ,set 1 , 66 question > What type of lens is used to overcome short sightedness? Convex Concave Bi-focal it should be concave
33. Dear sir, In Mod-13 most of the questions repeated number of times. Pls upload some new questions. Rgds, Divakar
34. Convert -40 °C to Fahrenheit (-40) + 32 = -8 °F (1.8 / -40) + 32 = 32 °F (1.8 x -40) + 32 = - 40 °F http://www.aerochapter.com/question-Bank.php?sub=2&cha=18&cnm=mod%202:%20physics&tname=Set%204&from=0&to=20# answer is wrong all wrong....
35. 12) A 6400lbs airplane lands at a speed of 10ft/sec. What was the force required by the brakes to bring the airplane to a complete stop in 10 seconds? -200lbs 600lbs 2000lbs how to solve this quection
36. Hi Module 7: Maintenance Practice » Set 9: Pipes And Hoses Question 09,9) Hoses are normally pressure tested to maximum working pressure 1? times maximum working pressure 2 times maximum working pressure What is the 1? times maximum working pressure is it 1.5?
37. Dear sir, im doing CAA exam for AML licesen .so in our country ,CAA exam is so hard than this easa papers which this website given.so if you can please send me a link of module question bank for all subjects . i mean rather than this easa papers, i need to do another hard questions for CAA exam. so please can you send it ? thank you very much ... i hope you will help me to get a hard questions bank for me.
38. Mod-3 set 1 Q.(80-100) 9.A Transformer has 4500 secondary turns and 750 primary turns. Its turn ratio is Answer is wrong Correct answer is 6:1
39. A Transformer has 4500 secondary turns and 750 primary turns. Its turn ratio is 1:6 6:1 6
40. Mod-10 set 3 How many people are authorised to sign a CRS after a scheduled maintenance? In one question it says - one in another it says one in each category
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