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41. Mod-10 set 3 How many people are authorised to sign a CRS after a scheduled maintenance? In one question it says - one in another it says one in each category
42. 3) How many people are authorised to sign a CRS after a scheduled maintenance? One Two One in each category which option is correct in above question
43. 8) With reference to the licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers, the requirements for the issue of a licence without type rating can be found in BCAR section L EASA IR Part-66 Airworthiness Notices question says BCAR section L is correct answer , but BCAR section L is already replaced by EASA IR part66
44. 19) What does a B1-3 approval apply to?. Light Aircraft with Piston Engines Helicopters with Piston Engines, airframe and electrics Helicopters with Turbine Engines, airframe and electrics B1.3 category is for what? pls clarify
45. A1 licensed engineer is authorised to sign for minor Scheduled Line Maintenance tasks on turbine engined helicopters turbine engined aircraft piston engined aircraft 7) Who can sign a CRS? Any licensed engineer An appropriately qualified licensed engineer An unlicensed engineer who has permission from the Chief Inspector 8) Where would you find the requirements and the syllabus for a maintenance license?. EASA Part-66 EASA Part-145 EASA Part-147 9) An A1 licensed mechanic can sign for Aeroplanes - Piston Aeroplanes - Turbine Aeroplanes and Helicopters Question no. 6 and Question no 9 are same but answer is different
46. Mod-9,Set-2,41-60,Q-18 Ans are wrong...I suppose 2nd option would be Decreases the quality of sleep. Rgds, Divakar
47. Mod-2,Set-4,1-20,Q-10 is wrong...suppose to be 41deg F covert to deg C,then Ans-5degC.Pls amend. Rgds, Divakar
48. Mod-9,Set-1,21-40,Q-8 Ur Ans-1,Correct one-2..Pls chk Rgds, Divakar
49. 8) The SHEL model of human factors takes into account 1.Software, hardware, efficiency and liveware 2.Software, hardware, environment and liveware 3.Software, hardware, environment and location In the above Q ur answer is 1.,but right one is 2. Pls amend
50. The dew point is the temperature at which the moisture just starts to your ans- sublimate my ans- condense
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