Russia rolls out its first modernised supersonic long-range multimode missile carrier bomber Tu-22M3M..

Russia rolls out its first modernised long-submarine-bomber Tu-22M3M from the United Aircraft (UAC) plant in Kazan. The supersonic long-range multimode missile carrier bomber Tu-22M3M will undergo extensive ground and flight tests in coming weeks. The Tu-22M3M bomber is the modernised version of the Tu-22M3 long-range strategic strike bomber, which entered service in 1989 and has […]

EASA published its ‘Annual Safety Review 2018’.

EASA published its annual safety review today, 17 August 2018. In which it reported that in 2017, there were 9 fatal accidents and 67 fatalities worldwide, the lowest number of fatal accidents and fatalities since 1970. There were no fatal accidents involving EASA MS operators. 1972 recorded 2.365 fatalities, the highest number since EASA began […]

Cochin Airport flooded – closed till 26 August.

Cochin International Airport in South Indian state of Kerala is currently closed and will not be opened till 2. p.m on 26 August 2018. Heavy Monsoon rains have flooded the airport more than 6 feet, and some residents reported that rising water level has been submerging both people and buildings in the airport region. Air […]

Airbus launches pilot training programme for high school graduates..

Photo Info: Airbus Airbus predicted that a total of 540,000 new pilots will be needed over the next two decades., and to help meet this demand, it is launching the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme to include ab initio training. The programme is being launched in partnership with Escuela de Aviacion Mexico (EAM), located near […]

Xiamen Airlines B737 runway excursion – port engine detached.

Xiamen Airlines B737-800 was damaged after it overran the runway on landing at Manila International Airport, Philippines. The flight MF 8667 from Xiamen with 157 passengers and 8 crew, apparently landed after a period of holding and a missed approach due to heavy rain at 23:55 local time in Manila airport on Thursday. The aircraft […]

The first officer incapacitation on a Qantas 737 flight

The first officer incapacitated on a Qantas 737 flight from Brisbane to Melbourne, near Narrandera NSW in Australia on 15 August 2018. According to ATSB, “During cruise, the crew of the cargo flight received a wing body overheat warning resulting in a reduction of cabin pressure. The crew donned oxygen and descended to 20,000 ft. […]

The first Airbus ACJ320neo is ready to fly in coming weeks for the first time.

The first Airbus ACJ320neo has been assembled, fitted with CFM International LEAP-1A engines and painted in ACJ house-colours, in preparation for a first flight in the coming weeks. After delivery to Acropolis Aviation of the UK in the last quarter of this year, the aircraft will enter outfitting at AMAC in Basle, Switzerland, where an […]

American private equity firm, Blackstone Group is in talks with Jet Airways..

Jet Airways, India’s second largest airline is in serious financial trouble as its losses are mounting. It has a negative net worth of Rs 7,100 crore ($1.1billion). The airline has Rs 19,743 crore in liabilities, against a total assets of just Rs 12,501 crore. Jet Airways is keeping afloat only due to free cash flow […]

Caught on camera – young boy falling to his death from the landing gear bay of a Japan Airlines flight.

Keith Sapsford, 14, young boy falling to his death from the landing gear bay of a Japan Airlines DC-8 flight leaving Sydney to Japan. Jhon Gilspin, an amateur photographer was testing his new camera lens at Sydney Airport, Australia, and unwittingly captured the deadly fall of Keith at 200 feet. According to Keith’s father, the […]

A stowaway man fell on the runway during the takeoff run

info: NTN24 A stowaway got into the landing gear of a Laser McDD MD-81 plane and fell on the runway during the takeoff run at Maiquetia International Airport in Venezuela on Tuesday. He was found dead on the runway. The Flight QL1932 to La Fria continued without incident.