Boeing 777x will make its first flight on 23 Jan 2020…

The first flight of Boeing 777x is set to takeoff on 23 January 2020 at around 10AM local time from Boeing’s assembly line facility near Everett, Washington. The aircraft powered by GE9x engines wll takeoff from Paine Field at 10:00 Seattle time, depending on weather conditions, and will remain in the air until 15:00. Boeing […]

Jiangxi Airlines has taken delivery of its first ARJ21

Jiangxi Airlines has taken delivery of its 1st ARJ21 on 19 Jan 2020 at Nanchang Yaohu Airport. The aircraft was spotted in “Crane Dance Blue & White” navigation emblem, bright red flags and red ribbons. It is the first of an initial batch of five ARJ21s that Jiangxi Air will be taking delivery. Jiangxi Air […]

Boeing seeks more than $10billion loan as 737 Max crisis wears on..

Boeing seeking more than $10 billion loan as its revenue dropped significantly following 737MAX crisis. The aircraft manufacturer has secured at least $6 billion from banks so far, and is talking to other lenders for more contributions, according to CNBC news. Private investment banks, such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan have […]

Perimeter. Aviation plane veered off runway into a snowbank….

Perimeter Aviation Metroliner was damaged after it veered off the runway into a snowbank at Shamattawa 1st Nation Airport, in northern Manitoba, Canada. The flight with 12 passengers from Thompson made a hard landing at Shamattawa Airport and crashed into a snowbank. No injuries were reported.

Panel came lose on Virgin Australia Boeing 737 on flight VA346,

The underside panel near the lower flap, on a Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 on flight VA346, came loose and began whipping about in the wind. The flight VA346, which took off from Brisbane Airport for Melbourne (Australia) just before 6pm yesterday, was diverted back to Brisbane to make an emergency landing after being in the […]

Japan Airlines’s new Boeing 787 on taxi test…

Photo info: Jennifer Japan Airlines new 787-9 taxi test and first test flight (BOE435) from PAE to MWH today, then flown from MWH to Portland for painting Airline will be replacing its ageing 777s with the brand new 787s and A350s. Japan Airlines are one of the biggest operators of the 787 worldwide, with a […]

Airbus delivered strong performance for the year 2019…

Airbus delivered strong performance for year 2019 as it enters 2020 with positive not of securing orders for more than 40 commercial jets. In 2019, Airbus delivered 863 commercial aircraft to 99 customers, outpacing its previous output record set in 2018 by eight percent. In the 17th yearly production increase in a row, Airbus progressed […]

Airbus received Type Certificate for A350-900 from Russia…

Airbus obtained Type Certificate for A350-900 from Russian Aviation Authorities, Rosaviatsia The Type certificate was issued to Airbus prior to handing over A350-900 to Aeroflot. The Certificate was issued on 13 December, 2019, which covers only one variant of Airbus A350 Family aircraft. Aeroflot is the only Russian airline to place direct order for this […]

A CFM engine on S7 Airlines A321 caught fire just before takeoff…

An Engine on S7 Airlines Airbus A321 caught fire just before takeoff in Russia. A CFM engine on flight to Cam Ranh, Vietnam with 208 passengers including 27 children caught fire as it sits on runway at around 1 a.m. on Saturday at Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk, Russia Crew activated the plane’s anti-fire system to […]

Titan Airways will be replacing its Boeing 757s with Airbus A321LRs…

Titan Airways will replacing its two ageing Boeing 757s with the new Airbus A321LRs. The British charter airline, Titan will be taking delivery of two brand-new Airbus A321LRs powered by CFM International Leap-1A engines in late summer 2020. The aircraft are expected to enter service in the autumn this year. Charter carrier also will be […]