Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting can be classified as

  • Cockpit lighting
  • Cabin lighting
  • Cargo compartment lighting

Cabin lighting

The cabin lighting system is designed with aim of providing maximum passenger comfort in addition to fire protection, energy consumption and heat generation. The newer mood lighting system provides variant lighting from takeoff to landing. For example, a cabin is illuminated with airline’s corporate colors during boarding, and then it changes to comforting colors during takeoff. Once the aircraft reaches its cruising altitude, cabin is lit bright and clear for reading. As the catering service begins, the lights change to warm-white color, then dimmed to relax and sleeping. As the morning approaches, artificial sunrise wakes passengers up.

According to airbus website

“Airbus was the first manufacturer to introduce ambient lighting as a factory fit option on commercial aircraft – which has now become more widely adopted across the air transport industry. Today it is possible to fit ambient lighting on all Airbus aircraft, allowing airlines to adapt the cabin lighting and create an atmosphere in line with their branding and color scheme, choosing from a palette of 16 million colours.”

Cargo compartment lighting

New modern aircraft have the option of incorporating night vision capabilities in addition to its normal lighting system.