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1. Sir in EASA module notes why there figures are not shown and there place is blank???
Thank you for notifying .. We will check
2. Hi, can you tell me if module 1 (maths) and module 2 (physics) questions are to a B level or A level? thanks
3. Mod 9 set 3 question16 & 20 answears are wrong
4. I want soft copy of question bank, Where I can take printout easily.
5. Where i find question bank for part-66 in web site?
6. Which is better avionic or mechanical
7. For Module 6 set 1 Q61-80 #6 "The Fatigue Limit for steel is generally in the region of" answer currently 60% - 80% compared to the static UTS shouldnt it be 40% - 60% compared to the static UTS
8. In a FADEC system , active control switch over occurs ....? In Module 15 ques bank you are giving the answer is - on engine startup only . But in Module 14 ques bank the answer is - on shutdown. Which one is the correct answer ?
9. 18) When using a test set to test an EGT thermocouple circuit This question in M14 i think correct answer is; Always compensate/adjust for ambient temperature. My reference is Boeing 737-300AMM 77-21-00. F(a)(8)
10. Mod 11 set 2 question 13 answer is wrong
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