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21. Subject:physics question bank, set3, 6-10, question 9, seems to be wrong on nov 11 2015
22. Question bank, set 3, 6-10, question 9, seems to wrong on Nov 10 2015
23. Question bank, set 3, 6-10, question no 7, i can\'t understand can you explain
24. In the the module 15 set 2 , qustion 41-60 question no 13# In a gas turbine engine, turbine section 1#temperature decreases along with pressure and velocity 2#velocity decreases and pressure increases 3#velocity increases and pressure decreases. i think the answer should be re checked because in turbine section all kinds of energies are converted into the mechanical energy like kinetic pressure and heat energy all are converted into mechanically majorly so how could velocity increases in that.. yup in exhaust nozzle velocity increases but how can it be in turbine section..
25. Set 1 matter, question 6-10 of 20, 6th question \"what is the valence of oxygen\" the answer says 2 how come \'2\' ?
26. What is "Alert height"?
27. In Mod-13,Set-5,21-40,Q-10 figure missing.
28. In Mod-3,Set-5,21-40,Q-10 figure missing.
29. In Mod-13,Set-7,81-100,Q-8.....ur answer is "Pitch ctl",suppose to be "Yaw ctl".Pls confirm.
30. In Mod-13,Set-8,61-80,Q-5 option (a) not available....but that was marked as Correct answer....pls chk it....& Q-20) Which type of radio waves are used for line - of - sight communication? Your answer is Sky wave....but it is incorrect....the answer suppose to be " Space Wave ".Pls confirm. Rgds, Divakar
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