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21. Set 1 matter, question 6-10 of 20, 6th question \"what is the valence of oxygen\" the answer says 2 how come \'2\' ?
22. What is "Alert height"?
23. In Mod-13,Set-5,21-40,Q-10 figure missing.
24. In Mod-3,Set-5,21-40,Q-10 figure missing.
25. In Mod-13,Set-7,81-100,Q-8.....ur answer is "Pitch ctl",suppose to be "Yaw ctl".Pls confirm.
26. In Mod-13,Set-8,61-80,Q-5 option (a) not available....but that was marked as Correct answer....pls chk it....& Q-20) Which type of radio waves are used for line - of - sight communication? Your answer is Sky wave....but it is incorrect....the answer suppose to be " Space Wave ".Pls confirm. Rgds, Divakar
27. In mod-13,Set-9,61-80:Q-12,answer must be "only located enroute to airports",pls confirm. Rgds, Divakar
28. In Mod-13,Set-11,81-100:Q-20 Your answer is "allow for altitude variations" but it is wrong,suppose to be "dampen movement of the compass card". Pls confirm. Rgds, Divakar
29. Wrong answer in module 9 ,set 1 , 66 question > What type of lens is used to overcome short sightedness? Convex Concave Bi-focal it should be concave
30. Dear sir, In Mod-13 most of the questions repeated number of times. Pls upload some new questions. Rgds, Divakar
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