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61. M-8 Set-7 (81-100) Q-3) The "wing setting angle" is commonly known as a)angle of wing b)angle of attack c)angle of attack correct option missing, the correct answer is angle of incidence
62. Module 8 set 5 question # 6 Spoilers are interconnected with? correct answer is Ailerons not flaps
63. 12) Low wing loading a) increases stalling speed and maneuverability b) decreases stalling speed and maneuverability c) decreases lift and increases stalling speed, the correct answer here is one which is not correct, if an aircraft has low wing loading it will have lower stalling speed and lower landing speed, reference LBP M8,pg 14,4th para. and if i'm wrong please correct me my exam is near..!
64. M13 questions not available
65. 2) What is absolute humidity? 1.The temperature to which humid air must be cooled at constant pressure to become saturated. 2.The actual amount of the water vapour in a mixture of air - water. 3.The ratio of the water vapour actually present in the atmosphere to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated at the prevailing temperature and pressure. The correct answer is the actual amount of water vapour in a mixture of air and water
66. With ISA conditions, what is the temperature at 30,000ft ? A. Troposphere, Tropopause, Ionosphere, Exosphere B.Stratosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere Tropopause C. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere this is a copy of the question and I don't think it has the correct answers for this question. Answers are not related
67. 4) An aircraft travels at a constant speed of 800 km/h for 30 minutes. How far it would have traveled in 30 minutes? 250 km 500 km 1000 km
68. The purpose of a patch cord used with an OTDR is
a. to compensate for any contraction of the Fiber optic cable during test.
b. to overcome the dead zone problem caused by reflection at OTDR launch connector.
c.to attenuate OTDR output power which could cause damage to the cable under test.
69. Question from: Prathan
Radiant heat of a body, heated from a radiant source is
a. inversely proportional to the square of the distance.
b. proportional to distance.
c. inversely proportional.
70. Question from: Prathan
If heat is constant, and if pressure increases on a liquid what will the volume do?
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